Beautify Events

We at Fountain Parish think that God is about making his world more beautiful. We like to say that he is in the restoration business not the demolition business. And as people we have a choice to make. We can join him and leave a wake of beauty behind us in the lives of the people we have known and in the landscape of the places we have been. Or, we can leave a wake of ugliness behind us. What kind of people are we going to be? Beautify Events are a great way for us to join with God and to love our neighbors and neighborhoods here in Bellingham. And they are also just a blast! 


On Beautify Sundays we gather at a planned location and briefly outline the projects. You then have the choice of what project you would like to participate in if there are more than one going on simultaneously. We always have projects that are family friendly as an option for parents with children. Its very important to us that families can serve together so we make sure to have some fun, safe projects for you to participate in with your children. After you choose a project you will join with your team and tackle it together! Come roll up your sleeves with us!