Why a parish?

You may ask why the name Fountain Parish? It’s kind of old school and if you have hung around us at all you know we aren’t very old school in our expression! Parish is an old word that is making a big comeback. It means "to dwell beside" or "sojourn".

We at Fountain Parish think this is really what church should be about. Dwelling beside each other - real community in our neighborhoods - as we are centered in the Fountain District of Bellingham. And we want this because we think it's what God is about too. It's what we see in the person of Jesus. And it's what his Spirit is for us now - our travel companion, our sojourner. He is wanting to do this life with us.

We think Church should be friends doing life together.

Eating and drinking together.

Playing together.

Serving together.

Imagining a better world together.

Worshipping and Learning together.

And for us at Fountain Parish, it means doing all this in a rhythmic, rooted, creative and lively way!

That's what we call parish. Wanna come sojourn with us?