Rhythmic Lives Together

Like music, our lives move to rhythms. Some people live by scattered, displaced rhythms, others live by a fast paced, driving rhythm, still others prefer rhythms that are simple, slow and steady. We, at Fountain Parish, have chosen these five rhythms we see in the life of Jesus. We want to live by his cadence. We living like him could change everything.  So dive in with us! Try living this way for a week and see what happens! Our five rhythms make up the acrostic BLESS - Beautify, Listen, Eat, Study and Send.


We intentionally bring beauty to the people around us; each week we seek to beautify both someone in Fountain Parish as well as a neighbor, co-worker, or friend by sending an encouraging note, fixing a car, dropping a food basket or anything else that would bring beauty to their lives. We also seek to bring beauty to the earth and our environment knowing that the care or defacement of God’s creation is in our hands. We want love accompanied by action to mark our faith community.


We intentionally listen to the voice of God; each week we seek to slow down our busy lives to rest, be still and know God. We find a few hours to stop our striving, our working and just enjoy him. We then let his words shape our lives by acting on them. That listening spills out into our posture towards each other as well as taking time to listen to one another.


We intentionally share the table together. Each week we enjoy community by eating with someone from Fountain Parish as well as a neighbor, co-worker or friend. We recognize that something happens around food that doesn’t happen at the office or the store. We relax and let down our defenses; we allow people into our lives in a real way. By breaking bread together and remembering Jesus, we seek to build true community.  This rhythm is why we always eat together at our gatherings!


We see the Bible as a wine cellar. God's Spirit walks down creaky steps, swiping cobwebs out of the way and finds just the right vintage wine for us for today. We intentionally study and meditate on the Bible, allowing it to permeate us and shape our minds, emotions and lives. Each week we seek to cultivate a craving for Jesus by taking at least a few hours to learn about him. We see the Bible as organically inspired. That is it's inspired within its culture and within its literary genre. Did you know there are over 100 genres of literature in the Bible? This fascinating script directs our journey and teaches us how to live in this world and dream the dreams of God.


We see ourselves as ones sent from God to embody love on his earth. As God sent Jesus, so Jesus sent us to be his hands and to represent his heart and passion in this world. We are empowered on this journey by the Spirit, our sojourner, who connects us, guides us, protects us and comforts us. We also need each other. We seek to engage with mentors in our life who can help nurture and direct us and to give away what we have learned in mentoring relationships with others.