Fountain Parish is rooted in a sense of place. The Fountain District is centered within several neighborhoods and is bordered by the Arts District and Cornwall Park. More of our beautify projects will focus here. Our gatherings will focus here. We want to know and love our neighbors and neighborhoods well. Not in an exclusive manner, but in an intentional one. The Fountain District is our parish: the place for which we intentionally care. The place we sojourn with.


Fountain Parish is on a journey of creatively exploring our Rhythms together through Creative Learning Sundays.  Imagine new highly creative ways of exploring our Rhythms together. Imagine engaging in creative projects with our neighbors with no other agenda than to learn together. We all realize that we have much to learn from our neighbors and desire to find rich new expressions of our Rhythms. We want to start from this place of humility as seekers and sojourners. We also think it is going to be a blast!

Learning Parties 

-  Exploring the metaphors for God and our spirituality within nature by spending some time at Cornwall Park. Several tour guides host our time by leading us in hands on engagement of biblical metaphores. Passages that speak of God as water, rock, wind, vine while we and our children touch these objects and engage our senses in learning.

 -  Hosting a kosher meal with the local Muslim community where we shared stories, commonalities and blessings over one another. We heard about the Muslim community that meets above the Re Store and sought to find shared values our two groups have in order to partner together in the future.

-  Here is one we want to do soon: taking a Sunday where we head to Elizabeth Park just to see how much fun we can give to the children of Fountain Collective and afterwards have a short meditation on the joy of God. Maybe joy can be taught better through experience?


Fountain Parish is lively! From our meals to our parties to out-of-the-box creative learning we are a lively bunch. It helps that we have so many young children in our community. They keep us lively! Here are some ways we want to cultivate this value of ours. Our community is full of life! Each of us is important and needed. From the children to the adults all of us are integral. Think of an artist collective. Each artist submits work. Each artist participates. No one is there to watch the show, but to create the show. We desire to be a community that truly shares life together in this way. We want to get to know the strengths of each other and learn how to partner together. We want to foster shared leadership, ownership and participation within our community. And as we foster this life we believe in pushing the boundaries and continuing to discover new and exciting ways of learning and worshipping together.