We hope you will come connect with us at our Sunday evening gatherings! Please see the Home Page or News Page for where we are meeting next.

When you come visit us we hope you experience an informal and welcoming atmosphere! We are about building community and fostering friendships. So the first thing to know about us is that we always eat together! Our gatherings usually start with a meal. We all tend to let down and become ourselves more when we eat. We have a different food theme each week and everyone brings a little something to contribute. We don't sit in rows of chairs either. We want to create a place where we enter conversations together and round tables help facilitate this.

The songs we sing are mostly home grown originals. They reflect the themes our community has been learning about. Our songs often contain earthy imagery, worshipful metaphors and community development themes.

Our teachings tend to be conversational and often encourage dialogue and participation around tables. There are many different learning styles that people have. We want to create spaces where these can be explored. Our learning is creative and sometimes we will engage in a topic hands on!

We often culminate our times together with communion, a practice of centering around the person of Jesus with bread and wine. For us this is a special time of connection with God and each other.

We look forward to meeting you!